Who is 

Sarah Traynor?

Personal Profile

I was raised in a family that participated in our community. We were taught to care for each other and help when we saw a need. I was encouraged to explore my interests in helping people and communities by pursuing study in welfare and social work. This was nurtured further by my dad who also worked in the welfare field and encouraged strong links to professional learning and reflection. 

I have continued on my path of social work development and practice for 27 years, incorporating creative and talk therapy into a safe space for development of insight, nurturing and healing. 

I am also a parent of two young adults, and I am a carer. I understand what it is like to live with chronic illness, manage physical and mental health, navigate support systems and try to maximise quality of life.

In my private practice, I look forward to connecting with a range of diverse individuals and families, experiencing varied challenges, and trusting me to work together towards change. 

Professional Profile

I am an accredited clinical social worker with 23 years of experience working across Sydney. I have experience working for non-Government organisations and State and Federal Government agencies in counselling, community development, case management, disaster recovery, group work and training delivery

I enjoy engaging with diverse individuals and families at varied stages of life, providing therapeutic intervention, and working towards positive change. I am available to provide a variety of support services to assist individuals with reaching their goals. I enjoy using both talk therapy and creative therapy techniques and a strengths based approach to create a safe space for sharing and development. 

I have worked with both complex and extremely vulnerable clients, and their carers or family members to address personal and systemic challenges. I have coached and supported many young people to address personal and vocational goals. I have also supervised social work students and managed teams, to support professional development, reflective practice and personal goals.