What should I expect from counselling?

We will meet for scheduled appointments for approx. 50 minutes

The first session involves building a connection and understanding the issues you would like to work on. We will discuss options for support and create a plan. The plans can vary in length based on the needs identified. We will keep reviewing the plan to be sure we are achieving what we set out to do. 

We can use varied techniques and styles that suit your needs. 

Do I need a referral?

No, you can self-refer to work with me, and we can discuss your goals for assistance and therapeutic support. 

I am also an approved counsellor for NSW Victims Services, so please reach out and have your Victims Services reference number available for enquiry

I don't know what support I would like to receive, but I have been told to talk to someone about my personal issues. How will this help? 

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed or uncertain about our circumstances and we are not sure of the best steps to take. You may need to expand your support network and its hard to figure out a plan to take action. We can discuss options of support available and ways you feel most comfortable to work on your personal goals. You may find just talking about your circumstances, in a confidential and safe space, helps you clarify what you would like to pursue. We will workshop options and create a plan together. 

How do I begin working with you? 

Please contact me on the details listed below, or use the booking request form page. We will discuss your circumstances, and I'll give you some options for a plan to work together. 

I offer appointments over the phone, via video, and face to face, so we can make your engagement as easy as possible. 


I charge private fees, with no Medicare or Private Health insurance rebates at this time. Fee amounts will be discussed when you make contact.

Fees are paid on the day of the appointment via bank transfer or credit card transaction.

There are no fees charged for NSW Victims Services appointments.