Support Options

Expressive Therapy

I enjoy a creative space for growth and development. I use a range of expressive therapy techniques like visual arts, writing, music, role plays, picture cards, miniatures and metaphors, and create a space for healing through self-expression and creative exploration. This allows us to use strategies that work best for you, and create unique experiences to understand your emotions, thoughts, and memories.

Expressive therapies can help you learn more about yourself and share what you are feeling in a comforting way. These techniques are suitable for a wide variety of individuals and in varied settings.

Talk Therapy

I love to listen and I love to talk. Talk therapy styles give us an opportunity to use structure to share, explore, workshop and plan for change. I use psycho-education, Solution-Focused therapy and motivational interviewing to connect and build your skills towards creating a path for change. I also use Cognitive-Behavioural therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT) and Interpersonal therapy to work towards behavioural, cognitive and relationship interventions, with user friendly tools and activities. We can also incorporate creative options into the talk therapy space to assist with comfort and understanding.  

Relaxation Strategies

We all live with stress in our lives and this can impact our physical and mental health. Managing stress can be very challenging and relaxation strategies can greatly assist by relaxing the mind and body. I work with individuals to find relaxation strategies that work for them and their circumstances, examples are mindfulness techniques, progressive muscle relaxation, controlled breathing, guided imagery and creative interests.  

Skills Training

Being driven to learn new skills and develop yourself can boost confidence and create greater autonomy. We can work together to explore skills training to meet your needs and improve your circumstances. Some examples are problem solving, communication, anger management, social skills, parenting skills and stress management. Speak with me to explore the options that best suit your needs. 


Sometimes it's really hard to develop your personalised goals on your own. You know where you want to go but you would like a coach to assist you with the supportive and motivational environment to create the plan. I provide personal coaching to young people and adults. Coaching can be particularly helpful with vocational planning and career development.

Professional Support

I am motivated to support a strong and connected social work community. I love supporting social workers to grow and professionally develop. I am available for consultation, debrief, group reflective practice, and supervision. I am also a certified and experienced trainer. Please reach out to discuss your interests and needs and we can explore options of support.

In-person appointments are available Tuesday and Wednesday at 15 Grose Street Parramatta

Below are images of the location and setting.