Sarah Traynor

Therapeutic Services


I'm Sarah and I'm a social worker providing support to people who would like to talk to a professional and address their personal challenges. I work with young people and adults, and use a variety of skills to help make you feel as comfortable as possible to resolve issues and improve your quality of life.

When working with me, a safe space is created to build a relationship of strength, developing motivation and hope for change. I provide counselling and support to help with personal reflection, growth and problem solving. 

I use expressive therapy, creative solutions, and traditional talk therapy. I provide psychological strategies and psycho-education to help develop your coping skills, and resilience.  I assist individuals wishing to use these tools to address both personal and professional challenges. 

I am also available for social work professional consultation, debriefing and supervision.

I am focused on the promotion of positive physical and mental wellbeing for all.

Please explore the following pages to get to know me and the support I can provide.